Return Policy

Return Policy

Mypupway offers a 7 day return window for items that meet the requirements for return. Please contact us via any of our contact channels within seven days of delivery and we will ensure you get resolution.

How To Initiate a Return ?

Send a Complaint

include pictures of the product that was delivered, as a means of evidence.
(You can do that by clicking on the icon)

Return after Authorization

Once your claim is validated, we will provide information on the most suitable means of getting the item from you.

Return Process

Place the item in its original packaging,
including any accessories, tags, labels
or freebies. Always ensure your
Return Slip is signed by our
agents. That is your proof of return.

Get Paid

Once the item has been received by us or the seller, we will ensure you get a resolution (A replacement, exchange or refund).

For Live Animals

  1. Every dog bought on the platform has a 7 days warranty and buyer will be responsible for loss (death and or sickness) of that animal after the 7 days ultimatum.
  2. Choosing a dog and making payments after confirming selection signifies you are satisfied with choice made and not entitled to an instant refund or return upon delivery.
  3. Should a puppy or dog purchased on the platform falls sick within 7days of purchased and clearly communicated to us, we will be responsible for treatment and other associating cost by our veterinary team. After 7days or not clearly communicated to us, we will not be responsible.
  4. Anyone who adopts a dog is obligated to abide to the terms and conditions of the adoption contract. Other wise, we have the right to dissolve adoption contract and legally take back puppy or dog.
  5. Any subscriber who purchase a dog outside of our platform has no right to utilize our risk management cover benefits on that dog.