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How to survive a dog attack

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How to survive a dog attack, you should know what to do and should not do to come out untouched,without a scratch……..

this can be nerve racking, ask someone who has gone through this experience he would not wish to go through it again from the close up  barking and aggressive face staring at you

From past experience, you shouldn’t run that’s legit prey instincts and guess who is the predator? (The dog). Most often their goal is to intimidate you , Many angry dogs don’t want to engage in a fight with you unless he was trained to, he is probably trying to protect his territory or family.

The best thing to do when you’re about to be attack is to ignore the dog, stand your ground and back off slowly with your eyes somewhere else, try not  to make eye contact with the dog but keep him in lateral view, call for help.

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dont make eye contact

Here are the Do’s and Don’t


  1. Stand your ground don’t run.
  2. Put something between two of you like a stick or improvise using your shirt.
  3. [Or if you know he will attack wrap your cloth around your hand to reduce the pain]
  4. Back off slowly if you can.
  5. Call for anyone the dog is familiar with to him out of there


  1. Don’t run away.
  2. Don’t kick the dog( it only agitates them).
  3. Don’t pull your arms back (when he attacks).
  4. Don’t try any form of intimidation like shouting, stepping on the floor.
  5. try no to make eye contact with him.

If you’re strong enough or don’t have any choice but to defend yourself, Best thing to do is grab the dog’s neck with your body behind him or  use your chest to pin his sides (body) to the floor. you control the neck you control the mouth and call for help.

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preventing a bite

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