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Best way to remove ticks from dog

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Learn how to remove ticks from dogs with the safest methods/ prevent more in the future with these easy guides….

definitely tick can be annoying with the way they spread rapidly not only that, the diseases.

If your dog has fleas, it’s very important to start the treatment as soon as possible and ease their situation. Although there are home remedies that can help, we go into them below.

it is highly recommended to use specific products. You should go to a pet store and buy chemicals or tick shampoo.

before we go into removal steps,

quick natural tips/ methods to prevent tick in the future;

1. Garlic method:

it helps repel ticks and fleas when it is excreted through your dog’s skin, prevents tumor, antibiotic, anti fungal and anti-parasitic. yup garlic, you may think garlic is toxic to your dog but it is a healthy addiction to your dog’s meal, that is in the right dosage (2 table spoon per 10pounds of your dog’s body weight) feed each day for two weeks

2. Apple cider vinegar:

it adds acidity to your dogs blood which is less appealing to ticks and fleas, 1-2 tablespoon per day

3. citrus fruits:

ticks hate citrus fruits, make your own citrus repellent by slicing lemon into quarters and boil two cup of water  and put the lemons in it wit the lid close for about three hours. next day put the liquid in a spray bottle and spray you dog avoiding the eyes and nose.

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how to remove ticks from dogs

our perhaps you prefer to use the good old fashion way, tweezers or your hands follow these steps;

  1. Part your dog’s hair around the tick with your fingers.
  2. Place the tweezers around the tick, as close as you can, possibly get to the skin.
  3. Don’t twist or pull the tick out immediately.
  4. Just pull gently upwards with steady hands, adding pressure until the tick lets you pull it away from the skin.
  5. Clean the bite area and your hands with rubbing alcohol, iodine or soap and water, Dispose of the tick by killing it.
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