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How to potty train your dog?

how to potty train your dog, try these potty training easy steps for 7 days for free while house training.

The biggest challenge people face with their new puppy is potty training but I’ll say if you follow these guideline i have put together you shouldn’t find that difficult and of course you have to be patience, calm and consistent.

Potty training should be a must for every dog that lives indoors. It is exciting when you bring your new puppy/ dog home at first, not until he poops around.


  • Control the feeding time.  from birth to six month four times a day, for a matured dog twice.
  • Learn when he needs to go, then take him out.
  • Take him out immediately after feeding to do his business at a suitable spot.
  • use a leash ( important).
  • Establish a routine and be consistent.

You need to understand that they make accident not often, but they do and you should never punish them

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  1. When you bring him home the first day, he might be scared, excited or exploring everywhere with curiosity just as we humans do when we enter a new place. Now this is the best time to let him know where he is allowed to enter and where not to enter. you may do so by closing doors to certain rooms you definitely don’t want him pooping for now.
  2. Now you need to be vigilant because you will watch out for certain behaviors he does when he is about doing his business like scratching, sniffing, circling, whining or any certain behavioral change you notice. When you do notice, you immediately take him outside with a leash to a particular spot again and again to defecate.
  3. like i said, there are accident, Stop him whenever  you see him pooping inside with a particular word or sound When you catch him defecating, The reason is to get their attention that you disapprove of his action them immediately take him out. (Don’t punish him for defecating indoors, he might get scared of you).
  4. Choose a particular word or sound like “go” every time you take him out to poop, he associates the word with that particular area, with time he will understand the command and what you want him to do (use that particular word so he does not get confuse with other commands).
  5. You need to praise, cheer him when ever he does it right with a happy voice of course.
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