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15 fact about dogs

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Here are some 15 awesome facts about dogs you probably didn’t know;

  1. cats and dogs are prohibited from having sex without a permit in ventura county, California. we wonder what the penalty is
  2. Dogs are more aggressive when being walked-by by a man than by a woman
  3. Dogs work best on empty stomach, so if you have a guard dogs don’t feed him when on duty at night ( they become more alert and sometimes aggressive)
  4. Dogs were mentioned 14 times in the bible, cats were not
  5. Smartest breed with good training (like border collies, poodle,German shepherds, golden retrievers) can understand up to 250 words while The average dog can understand 150 words
  6. Dogs only sweat in between their paws, that’s where their sweat glands are
  7. Smaller dogs have longer life span than bigger breeds
  8. Male dogs like to hangout with female dogs, but female dogs play with both genders
  9. According to records 12 dogs were on the Titanic, 3 survived but sadly 9 did not
  10. Pet your dogs, rubbing his head has been proven to reduce blood pressure
  11. The oldest dog died at the age of 29, an Australian cattle dog named bluet
  12. The fear of dog is know as cynophobia

    image result for facts about dogs
    15 facts about dogs
  13. Pet your dogs, rubbing his head has been proven to reduce blood pressure
  14. Dogs can hear sound four times further away than you can
  15. When you smile at unknown dogs they might interpret it as a sign of aggression

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